The Development of the Kaitiaki Kids Conservation Program

2015 Project 5

                      Executive Summary          Full Report

Project Abstract

The goal of the Kaitiaki Kids Program is to connect conservation programs already in place around the Wellington area to give children a more in-depth education about all conservation topics. Our project seeks to develop a recommendation as to how the Kaitiaki Kids program could be structured by researching programs that already exist in the Wellington region, to establish what conservation topics children should learn about, and to determine gaps already in conservation education that the Kaitiaki Kids program could fill. In order to accomplish this, we conducted online research and interviewed eleven experts in conservation and environmental education.

Student Team

  • Caroline E Bartlett, ARE
  • Eleanore Mary Carson, ME
  • Julianne P Flynn, ME
  • Jennifer M Lally, MIS


Terese McLeod and Emma Dunning


  • Elmes, Michael B., MG
  • Hersh, Robert, ID