Visitor Expectations at Te Papa

Investigating the Space Where Museum and Visitor Expectations MeetPj Vistor 15

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Project Abstract

The National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa sponsored this project in order to better understand how visitors respond to its Interactive Audience Engagement Devices (IAEDs). To achieve this, we selected three exhibits to study, and through interviews, surveys, observations, and video recordings, evaluated the devices’ impact on visitor experience. Upon examination we recommend the museum add on screen instructions to their devices, look into making devices more accessible to their users, and make future devices incorporate aspects such as challenging their users, giving them a personal connection with the content, and providing multiple simultaneous interactions.

Student Team

  • Anthony R Gallo, CS
  • Despoil Giapoudzi, ARE
  • Thomas W Grimshaw, CS
  • Matthew Stephen Sabetta, ARE


Te Papa Museum


  • Elmes, Michael B., MG
  • Hersh, Robert, ID