Developing a New Perspective of Wellington’s City and Harbour: A Camera Obscura Exhibition

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                      Executive Summary       Final Report

Project Abstract

The Museum of Wellington City & Sea wants to expand the new ways of seeing concept developed by the Wellington Museums Trust by installing a camera obscura exhibition. The goal of our project was to develop the supportive educational and interactive experiences and a marketing plan for a camera obscura exhibition at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea. We sought to accomplish this through interviewing museum staff, surveying and interviewing visitors, and building a camera obscura model to perform a formative analysis. Finally, we provided recommendations for a complete camera obscura exhibition including educational programmes, interactive supplemental material, and marketing strategies.

Student Team

  • Zachary Glenn Peter Bornemann, ME
  • Jesus Octavio Chung, ME
  • Catherine Jeanette Knott, BE
  • Theresa Marie Renna, BIO


Museum of Wellington City & Sea


  • Elmes, Michael B., MG
  • Shockey, Ingrid K., ID