Assessing Greenhouse Feasibility

A Report to the Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara Hapū of Horohoro, New Zealand

Greenhouse 2016

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Project Abstract

This project produced a feasibility report for a hydroponic greenhouse to the Ngāti Kea Ngāti Tuara Hapū of Horohoro, New Zealand that aims to utilize the excess electricity produced by the Māori community’s micro-hydro power system. To ascertain opinions on a greenhouse project and specific candidate crops, watercress and koura, the team interviewed and surveyed members of the hapū, restaurants, and consumers in nearby tourist hot-spot Rotorua. The report presents a series of flow charts, allowing the hapū to choose a greenhouse structure and technology. The project also addressed the micro-hydro system’s intake congestion and documented its maintenance. Technical reviews and participant observation allowed the team to recommend a floating boom to decrease the congestion.

Student Team

  • Allison K Buckley, MGE
  • Martin Joseph Fitzgerald, CM
  • Montana Paige Myatt, ME
  • Nathan Peterson, ME


Victoria University of Wellington


  • Kinicki, Robert, CS
  • Eddy, Bethel L., HU