Designing a Forest Stewardship Council Community Campaign for Wellington Zoo

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Project Abstract

        Wellington Zoo in New Zealand is starting a community campaign supporting Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to promote sustainable forestry practices. Our project evaluated community perceptions of FSC and designed components for the campaign. To accomplish this, we conducted consumer surveys, administered semi-structured interviews, and reviewed past conservation campaigns. From our data collection, it was found that over half of the consumer base did not recognize the FSC logo and that consumers prefer to learn about new topics mainly through social media advertising. Also, conservation campaigns must make an emotional connection with the audience to result in audience engagement with the campaign. From this research, we designed components for a campaign such as interactive exhibitions, social media outreach strategies, and partnership programs with outside organizations.

Student Team

  • Azita Bakhtyari
  • Aidan Cookson
  • Austin McCalmont
  • Madison Michaud


  • Wellington Zoo
  • Jude Turner
  • Emilia Murray


  • Professor Michael Elmes, WPI
  • Professor Carolina Ruiz, WPI