RiverLink Community Engagement Evaluation

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                  Executive Summary       Final Report

Project Abstract

The Lower Hutt community is extremely susceptible to flooding, due to its geography in relation to the Hutt River. To mitigate risk, the RiverLink Project will increase flood protection for the region and simultaneously initiate city revitalization plans and improvements to transportation infrastructure. We evaluated the effectiveness of local agency engagement processes to inform and involve the community during the transformation. We conducted interviews with representatives of the Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Hutt City Council, and the New Zealand Transport Agency, and surveyed local stakeholders. Based on the results of the 16 interviews and 156 survey responses, we developed a number of recommendations to enhance future community engagements hosted by RiverLink.

Student Team

  • Spencer J Austin
  • Mary Ellen B Osler
  • Darvin Sainte-Luce
  • Abigail Q Sawyer


  •  Greater Wellington Regional Council


  • Golding, Dominic, ID
  • Shockey, Ingrid K., ID