Identifying Resource Management Conflicts

Stakeholder Study Regarding Flood Protection in Wairarapa Moana

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Project Abstract

The goal of our project is to gather perspectives of different stakeholders on the current resource management of the flood protection scheme in the Lower Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand. This information will allow our sponsor, the Greater Wellington Regional Council to develop a more effective and more informed resource consent. To accomplish this goal we will use exploratory interviews and surveys to collect information and conduct a stakeholder analysis on the political, ecological, cultural, and economic effects of the current flood protection methods.

Student Team

  • Breanne Shirley Happell, RBE
  • Rene C Jacques, RBE
  • Elizabeth M Van Zyl, BE
  • Elizabeth C Walfield, BE


Greater Wellington Regional Council


  • Eddy, Bethel L., HU
  • Kinicki, Robert, CS