A Species at Risk

Raising Awareness About the Critically Endangered Maui’s Dolphin

2014 Project 5

                       Executive Summary        Full Report

Project Abstract

The New Zealand Department of Conservation’s protection of the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) depends heavily upon citizens reporting sightings. Our surveys established that lack of knowledge about the dolphin prevents all but 5% of residents from reporting sightings. To correct this deficiency, we drew on those findings to design improved educational materials and a conceptual smartphone application design. We produced two posters, a bumper sticker, and a tackle box sticker promoting the Maui’s dolphin and DOC’s reporting services. We evaluated them at Seaweek in Auckland.

Student Team

  • Mary-Lee Lizabeth Barboza, BIO
  • Kyle James Foster, BC
  • Jesse William Lehman, BIO
  • Samantha Frances Lowe, MAC


Department of Conservation New Zealand


  • Davis, Paul W., MA
  • Manzo, Vincent Joseph, HU