A Call for Action

Increasing Public Awareness of the Maui Dolphin

Pj Dolphin 15

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Project Abstract

The New Zealand Department of Conservation has experienced difficulties in raising public awareness of the critically endangered Māui dolphin. In order to address this problem, we interviewed Māui dolphin activists and educators to determine ways that individuals and communities can take action to help conserve this species. We also assessed current conservation education strategies and the concept of mātauranga Māori. As an outcome, the team created an educational video, a children’s book and several recommendations in order to increase awareness.

Student Team

  • Jessica R Caccioppoli, EV
  • Lindsay G Gotts, BE
  • Lukas L Hunker, ECE
  • Gaetano J Scuderi, BE


The New Zealand Department of Conservation


  • Elmes, Michael B., MG
  • Hersh, Robert, ID