Identifying Public Knowledge, Behavior, and Perception of Native New Zealand Birds

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                         Executive Summary     Final Report

Project Abstract

The Wellington City Council and ZEALANDIA seek to better understand public awareness of native birds and conservation efforts so they can better strategize about outreach campaigns in the future. Through interviews with experts in social media, education, and conservation we assessed current approaches to outreach. Through surveys we assessed public awareness of native birds and conservation efforts. We found that current WCC and ZEALANDIA engagements within the community have been successful in educating the public about native birds and there is evidence that using narratives in outreach better connects individuals to the issues. Our recommendations include developing a heightened presence in social media, a potential outreach campaign, and a suggestion for future study.

Student Team

  • Kurt Joseph Bilis
  • Mackenzie E Brandes
  • Constantine Spiros Christelis
  • Justin L Harris


  • Wellington City Council


  • Golding, Dominic, ID
  • Shockey, Ingrid K., ID