Preparing for the upcoming Career Fair.

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As you all know, our annual Fall Career Fair is coming up next week on the 15th. This career fair is the biggest one that is held at WPI. The companies that come to these offer full-time, part-time, summer interships and co-op positions. So if you are interested in any of the things I mentioned above the best thing to do would be to attend the Career Fair!

It’s less than a week away, so what are you doing to prepare for it? Did you go to the Resumazing workshop that was held this past Tuesday? If you missed that then you only have a few more tries to get your resume perfect before the fair. One option is to come in during walk-in hours and have it critiqued by one of the counselors. A second option would be to make an appointment with a counselor and get your resume critiqued personally. IF you are one of those people that do not have a resume written yet (tsk tsk..) then you might find it helpful to check out “How to Write a Resume” hand out on JobFinder, or at the CDC.

Other workshops that are being held before the Career Fair, which may be helpful to you are:

Resume Makeover – 9/9, 4pm, HL218
How to Navigate a Career Fair – 9/9, 6pm, HL116
Inverviewing Panel: Tips from Companies: 9/14, 5pm, HL 116

So if you need help with writing your resume, or are shy and nervous about talking to companies at the Career Fair OR would like to know what companies expect from students when they interview them… go to the workshops listed above! You are almost ready to rock at the Career Fair.

If you’re wondering what’s left to be all set for the Career Fair, then the answer to that is… JOBFINDER! Log onto it and see which companies are coming.  By looking at the list of companies that will be at the Career Fair will be helpful in filtering out the ones that interest you. Research about those companies! This way you will seem knowledgeable, and a good candidate to the respresentatives who will be there from the companies of your interest.

Lastly, make sure to dress nicely. First impressions always count ! Girls, purchase nylons.  Remember it is not professional to show bare skin if you plan on wearing a skirt or a dress.  ALSOOO make sure whatever top you choose to wear.. it’s appropriate. None of those low cut wacky shirts… uh uhh.. definitely NOT acceptable. Also refrain from too much make up, perfume or jewelry. You want to look sweet and simple as well as professional.

Guys, if you’re confused on what to wear here are some tips for you as well. There’s definitely no need to go over the top with a suit. A nice button up shirt with dress pants and polished shoes would do wonders. If its chilly, a nice sweater vest over the shirt or a blazer would do the trick as well. Luckily… you guys don’t have to worry too much about showing skin, or wearing too much perfume, but those of you who do wear jewelry make sure you keep it to a minimum. After all, you have to admit… can’t really look too professional with chains and all.

I hope all the information in here was helpful for all of you. If you have any questions about anything I mentioned in this blog feel free to leave a comment. I’ll be happy to help :0)

Good luck!

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