Job Searching and Finals Procrastination

Filed in Finding a Job by on October 12, 2010

As you can tell by how packed the library is, A term finals are officially here. Although I am swamped with work, I’m starting to feel the pressures of job searching again. I guess it’s because looking for a job is my #1 item on my Fall Break To Do List – that is, after getting a good night’s sleep – so it’s been on my mind. I’ve dealt with this by looking for jobs during my study breaks.

I’ve been pleased to find a few interesting jobs that I want to apply to. I have all of the links saved so I can easily go back and find them when I have more time. However, even though it’s good that I’ve found some jobs, it’s a little concerning that I’ve only found┬áthat many.

I guess this just reiterates the fact that the majority of jobs aren’t posted. So, in addition to Job Finder, Career Search, Indeed, Monster, etc., I’m going to have to reach out to other resources. These include family members, neighbors, WPI alumni, LinkedIn, and Career Search (A cool search engine that you can access through your Job Finder Account).

Alright, it’s not the time to get carried away with job searching just yet – I have to make it through finals first. No one is going to want to hire me unless I pass my classes. I guess putting off applying for a few more days won’t hurt…right?

Good luck on your finals! And enjoy your break!!

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Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I'm from Andover, MA. I'm a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and it's my second year as a Peer Advisor for WPI's Career Development Center. I'm also in one of the sororities on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma, and a part of EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service). I'm going to be keeping you updated on my senior year and what I'm doing to figure out my life after college (jobs, grad school, etc). Enjoy!

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