My first full time interview :)

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So I did it. I had my first full time interview. It was a little bit nerve wracking but overall I think it went well.

The first part of the interview was actually an assessment test. The first half of that consisted of math problems which weren’t difficult at all, and the second half consisted of a personality section. That part just asked a number of questions about how you viewed yourself and how you thought others viewed you. Overall this shouldn’t have been bad, but it was a timed test and my itnernet stopped working part way through so it was a lot more frustrating than necessary. Luckily they were able to reset it to where I was and I didn’t have to do the whole thing again.

The second part consisted of two different interviews. It was a little hard jsut because it was an interview style I wasn’t used to. However, I thought that overall the conversatons went well and I really enjoyed hearing even more about the company.

So it’s thank you note time.  I’m glad I got their business cards so now I know who to write to. And other than that I jsut have to wait and see. Wish me luck. 🙂

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Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I'm from Andover, MA. I'm a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and it's my second year as a Peer Advisor for WPI's Career Development Center. I'm also in one of the sororities on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma, and a part of EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service). I'm going to be keeping you updated on my senior year and what I'm doing to figure out my life after college (jobs, grad school, etc). Enjoy!

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