OK, Career Fair’s Done. Now What?

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This year’s Fall Career Fair hit 179 employers in our new Sports and Rec Center, two huge improvements to the event.

Two things:  1) if you went to the Career Fair, that’s awesome!  and 2) whether you did or not, your job’s not over yet (unless they gave you a job on the spot, in which case, I’m jealous and congratulations!).

Now that the Career Fair’s done and over with, you’ve likely got a bunch of informational packets, way too many free assorted items (just kidding; there’s never enough free swag), and possibly a few business cards or follow up career websites.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is forgetting the follow-up to the Fall Career Fair.  Most larger companies hire earlier on in the Academic Year for the upcoming summer pool of interns, and full time offers are hot to the ticket.

But it’s a pain to put my resume into a site that I’ll never hear back from.” 

Well, you’re right.  That part’s terrible.  More often than not it’s a waiting game to hear back from companies, and it seems like a standstill race until the hurry-up part comes along.  And doesn’t it always hit at that point where Fluids finals and big events crunch up your life?


The several online applications and processes often take too much time for the average student, and thus discourage applying when little word is heard back from employers.


Here’s a few steps you can take to be sure that your efforts in the post-Career Fair search don’t go unwasted:

1.  Send a thank you note either via e-mail or by print to the business card folks you chatted up.

Everyone likes getting a simple thank you, and it reminds them of who actually cares about the personal interactions.  Sending a quick 3-4 sentence reminder of your interest and appreciation can only do you good in standing out!


2.  Search the CDC business card computer database for more personal contact information to your companies of interest.

Didn’t get their business card?  Maybe they didn’t have any except the generic career website link?  Come into the CDC Monday through Friday on normal business hours and ask a student worker how to access the business card database, where we keep of all employers’ contact information willing to give their cards a quick scan.  Chances are they’re still interesting in getting devoted WPI tech kids!


3.  Don’t Stop Here!  Company Info Sessions and Professional Society Programs for Effective Networking

Want more of a one-on-one with someone who can connect you to real positions?

Check out the various company info sessions all listed within the CDC’s JobFinder Events and Calendars pages (and if you don’t have a JobFinder Account, it’s about time to start realizing companies want you through this portal!).  They’re only about an hour, and after you can follow-up directly with a company rep that may even be an alum!

Professional Societies such as the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers often have company relationships that can translate into internship opportunities (trust me, I’m speaking from experience!).   Attend a few of their panels to get the big scope on the company connections!

Any other career related questions, be sure to hit up the 2012 Career Development Center staff or email me directly at amoreschi@wpi.edu!

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