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Hello everyone!

As all of you are aware, the Life Sciences Career Fair, which is the last career fair of the year is happening tomorrow! You probably did all the related work throughout the year. Got your resume critiqued, attended some info sessions organized by CDC, attended company info sessions and anything that might get your foot on the way for an internship or job. Now this is the last jump. Do yourself a favor and log onto JobFinder and check out the companies that are coming. Currently there are 29 that is signed up and most of them offer both internship and full time jobs!


One little tip from me: Have a professional looking, pocket notebook and write information about each company. Check out the descriptions on JobFinder and go on the company websites. Write down short notes about positions available, easy-to-remember facts about the company, company values, your experiences that relate the the available positions. This way you can skim through your little notebook while you’re walking around the career fair and plan what you’re going to talk about to the employers.

You can check your notes before you walk into the Rec Center, while you’re waiting in line to talk to an employee, etc. Also pick 1 or 2 companies and utilize them as a ‘experiment table’. Go talk to these companies first to get rid of your rustiness in talking and practice your elevator pitch on them. This way, once you stop by that company that you really want to work for, you’re all prepared and ready to go. Follow my advice and see how it makes a positive change.

Good luck out there tomorrow!  😉


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