5 Tips On Making The Most Of The Last 7 Academic Days!

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No time to do much more than zoom through textbooks, inhale caffeine, and get to know the Wings Over delivery guy on a first-name basis?

That’s alright.  Me too.  Which is why here’s 5 quick steps you can take to make the most of your last 7 academic days this year at WPI!

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1.  Get on those LinkedIn Recommendations from friends, professors, and advisors.  

Simple, quick, valuable.  Take the time in the Dunkin’ or Food Court line to write someone up on LinkedIn, and ask if they’ll do the same – chances are, they’ll feel humbled and just a little bit obliged to do the same for you!  Endorsements on LinkedIn are also a big plus.

2.  Chop up everything you dislike about your resume.

NO – not ‘revamp’ your resume – just look at it one last time before the

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mid-summer boredom hits, and figure out all those things you really dislike about it.  Then revisit it when you have a breather, and get cranking on the latest version.

3.  You have a JobFinder profile.  If you have it updated, APPLY TO ALL AVAILABLE JOBS!

The beauty of JobFinder is that once you update your personal information, all of that becomes ingrained in the application process, making a few simple clicks of the mouse all you need to submit for a job that they only want WPI students for!  Take advantage of this opportunity with one less visit to Facebook and one more step toward employment.


Even if you're not around Worcester this summer, the CDC is and CAN BE a great resource for you!

4.  Figure out what you enjoy in your field, and Google a few blogs to read over the summer.

Employers love when you can talk up something new and developing in your industry.  The easiest way to do this is to have a professional or business blog take all of that valuable information and bring it to your fingertips via smartphone apps or websites.  Figure out what you are passionate about if you haven’t already, and get those feeds going!


5.  Make a commitment to keep up with a CDC counselor over the summer.

We’re open all summer long, and WANT to hear from you!  This means that counselors will be at the CDC for appointments, phone calls, and even Skype sessions to help with your career advice!

I hope that you found these 5 quick steps helpful in your last Academic Week of the Year, and be sure to email me at amoreschi@wpi.edu for any more peer-to-peer advice!

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