Almost Done and Still Smiling!

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Hey Everyone! I hope that your school year has been as awesome as mine! I cant believe that I am 2 days away from finishing off my junior year at WPI. I had a lot of fun this year and had all sorts of new experiences. One of the most exciting experiences is this gig over at the CDC. I got to meet a ton of new students. I also learned a lot more about some CDC resources and I have been doing everything I can to inform you all! Thanks for checking out these blogs, asking me questions and attending events. I hope that everything has been fun and helpful for you all; I know they have been for me! This job has been a ton of fun because of you guys. I can’t wait to keep doing it again next year! Speaking of the future! This summer will rock. I prob wont blog too much (or at all really) but I will coming up with super cool ideas! So if you’re feeling creative you should hit me up! When I’m not brain storming I will be doing some awesome lab work in Westford, MA! I would go into more detail but I’m not even sure what I am doing! What I do know is I will be working in a room that looks something like this:

working things that look a lot like this:

So yeah I am excited!!!! But yeah Im not the only one with something awesome this summer so congrats to everyone who has already landed a cool gig! Congrats to everyone who is graduating! Congrats to everyone for getting another year or a first year of school under your belt. Congrats for congrats… congrats congrats congrats… Anyway if you’re still looking for something to do this summer (internship) or the next couple of years (full time) the CDC will be more than happy to help you find that thing. This super cool place will be open all summer so stop by get your resume critiqued, do some job search strategies appointment or just say hi!   That’s enough talking from me! see you next year? or whenever else I decide to blog! Thanks for stoppin’ by! – Sam


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