Break Time!

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It’s week four here at WPI, Midterms are almost over, Career fair is over, and I’m almost burned out. I barely have the energy to keep up with classes, let alone find a summer internship.

  So this week I’m taking a short break from Job hunting. That doesn’t mean I’m going to say no to an interview if I’m offered one, nor am I skipping out on Thank you emails to everyone I met last week. It just means that I won’t be applying to any new jobs this week. I won’t be searching company websites and setting up accounts there.   It also means that I get to take a step back, breath and see where I want to go from here. I’ve applied to multiple companies, sent out at least a dozen thank you emails, had one interview, but which company do I really want to work for. Is it the large or small company, is it the company I can see myself working in full time or the company that will give me experiences that will help me stand out? These questions aren’t very hard to answer when you’re not thinking about which jobs you may or may not get. decision making   For those of you still hanging in there there’s plenty you can do this week. We have info sessions almost every day. Workshops tonight and tomorrow, and the CDC is on the Road for the rest of the week, every day from 10 AM to 4 PM all around campus. You can also read what Emily, Sebastian and Sam are doing. It might seem counterproductive that I’m taking a break a couple of weeks before finals when we usually take breaks, but we don’t control when we burn out, or when we’re about to. I’d rather take a step back from searching for an internship than to burn out completely and fail at everything else I do here. Also the companies I’m interested in are all coming next week and the week after that for info session. Taking a break now will help me restore my energy for when they get here. Have a restful week, Ahmad


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Hi everyone, My name is Ahmad. I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. The main thing you should know about me is that I'm kind of weird, and it's fantastic. I like defying people's expectations, and going against social norms. Especially when it comes to careers and personal well being. You say you can't get an internship as a freshmen, I will prove you wrong. They say you can't change your career, I will show you that you can change your career at any point. They say that college is meant to be stressful, and you're supposed to just go with the motions. They say college is the best time of your life, well I beg to differ. The best time of my life should be my last. If there's any topic you want me to talk about feel free to send me an email at (I know it's an awesome email).

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