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As this year progresses I keep stopping and realizing. Whoa. I’m a junior. I have one year left of my undergraduate career at WPI. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

It’s scary to think about how fast the past 2 1/2 years have gone by. I’ve become accustomed to the busy, studious college life and soon it’s going to be over. I can take one of two paths: pursue a full time job or attend graduate school.


It’s exciting to think that in time I will be leaving here and helping people in the community! I’ll be sad to go, especially because I won’t be seeing my friends everyday, but I’m going to be able to go out into the world and use what I’ve learned to help people.

So here’s the plan: pass all my classes and get good grades, apply to Physician Assistant school, take the GREs, attend PA school…….Nothing could go wrong right?


Most of the time things don’t go as we plan, but that’s okay. Just take life as it comes and keep pushing forward. For me, I’ve been continuing to do little things to help me stand out as a candidate for PA school. This is my next step in my life and I really want to make it happen! This past week I sent out over 30 letters along with my resumé to Physician Assistants throughout Rhode Island (where I’m from) and parts of Massachusetts inquiring about shadowing opportunities. I need at least 250 hours of patient care experience and PA shadowing.  letters sent to PAs

Hopefully I’ll be getting some responses back! Even if I don’t though, I told the PAs I contacted that I will be calling them in one week. Follow up is always really important because it shows that you’re really interested in the job you are applying to or whomever you are trying to contact. As my mom says, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!” After I call these PAs I’m hoping to have a set number of days to shadow them over winter break so I can start building up my shadowing and patient care hours. Hopefully all goes well!

If you have any questions about your job search feel free to email the CDC Peer Advisors at and check out everyone’s blogs this week: AdamSamAhmad, and Sebastian!! Keep your heads up: only 1 more week until break!!

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Hey guys! My name is Emily Cambrola and I am a senior majoring in BME with a concentration in Biomechanics. I also am in the process of earning my minor in Music. I am a Peer Advisor for the CDC and I am here to share my thoughts and advice about the job search process! Be on the lookout for future blogging. Enjoy! (:

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