Laziness and Glory!

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I have a confession! I am Lazy!

Some of you might be surprised by this, yes I have four jobs on campus, yes I am the president of the MSA and a co-chair for SocComm, yes I write novels in my free time, yes I’m not failing school. Despite all that I am still Lazy!

Laziness is the impulse to avoid work. Work must be avoided at all costs. However by avoiding work, I still accomplish everything I want. You might shake your head and say Ahmad has lost his marbles, not that I ever had them, but hear me out. When you impulsely avoid work and something needs to be accomplished you’ll figure out a way that involves much less work but is also faster, possibly cheaper, and perhaps even safer.

If you actually think about it everything we do in our daily lives can be done better, it can be done faster, and we can definitely save a lot of money doing things faster and better. In the same way a lazy persons mind is able to skip all the unnecessary steps and reach the goal in a better and faster way because they simply don’t want to do the unnecessary work. We want to get right to the point. It drives me crazy sometimes when I’m stuck in a three hour meeting for absolutely no reason.

My laziness has bothered me my entire life, everyone from family to friends has at one point or another pointed it out before I came to WPI, and now that I do so much doesn’t make me any less lazy, it simply makes me a better problem solver, and a better engineer because I’ve accepted my laziness.

I’m not saying that unless you’re lazy you won’t be a good engineer or a problem solver for everyday things. We all have a little bit of laziness inside of us, what I’m saying is that we should use and accept the laziness and use it for everyday problems. 1) It’ll help you out with everything from academics to your career to your relationships. 2) You’ll be satisfying your inner laziness and you won’t have to fight it every time you have to do something.

So this finals week remember that sometimes taking a shortcut will end up better than the long way.

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Hi everyone, My name is Ahmad. I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. The main thing you should know about me is that I'm kind of weird, and it's fantastic. I like defying people's expectations, and going against social norms. Especially when it comes to careers and personal well being. You say you can't get an internship as a freshmen, I will prove you wrong. They say you can't change your career, I will show you that you can change your career at any point. They say that college is meant to be stressful, and you're supposed to just go with the motions. They say college is the best time of your life, well I beg to differ. The best time of my life should be my last. If there's any topic you want me to talk about feel free to send me an email at (I know it's an awesome email).

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