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We’re knee deep in the snow, clenching our fists at professors who’ve given us difficult midterms, and we’re waiting for the employers to come and save us. For some of us this has become a routine that we regretfully can’t really get out of. We go to school to get a job, that’s a fact we have to consider when we live in a world where some people will have $200K loans after graduation. So here are some more numbers for you, because I know how much we all love numbers. WE have 173 companies coming tomorrow, close to 2000 students and an endless amount of jobs. The question that’s running through all our heads is how do I stand out? In a good way of course.

Here are some tips to help you out:

1)      Research, Research, Research. Find out as much as you can about the companies you’re interested in.


2)      Practice your elevator pitch. You make an impression by being you, customize your elevator pitch for the companies you’re really interested in. Tell them why you’re interested and why they should be interested in you.



3)      Try to go early. If you talked to hundreds of people in the course of four hours how would you feel? They probably feel the same way.

4)      Send thank you notes directly after.

5)      Follow their instructions right away. If they tell you to apply online then you need to apply online.

6)      If the companies you’re interested in also have Info sessions be there.

7)      Last but not least, enjoy the career fair. People are here to talk to YOU, they want to hire YOU, so be proud of who you are and enjoy talking to the employers.

Good luck tomorrow!


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