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It’s amazing the people you meet during college. WPI’s student body is made up of so many different people. Earlier this year I began assisting with the Discovering Majors and Careers class sponsored by the CDC. During this class I met a student that lives in Costa Rica, the exact place I am going for IQP!! What a small world, right?

About a week ago we ran into each other and he was gracious enough to sit with me for an hour and a half on a Saturday night to answer any of my questions about Costa Rica: hotels, attractions, money, running routes, churches, phones, malls, you name it. It looks to be a beautiful country and I just cannot wait until I step foot there. About 36 hours until I’m there!!!!!!!

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So the moral of this blog is this: you can network anywhere. If I had not met my Costa Rican friend I would not know a lot of the tips and tricks that I know now. We met through class. You can meet anyone through sports, in the Dunkin Donuts line, at work. Network with everyone because these people just might know something that could be useful for you one day (:

Now to catch up on my reading about Costa Rica and to finish packing…Can’t believe the day is almost here! Good luck to everyone in D-term! I’ll see you in May!

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