Costa Rica, Here We Come!!

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Just 7.5 hours until I am out the door and on my way to Boston for my flight to Costa Rica!!!! It’s so surreal, I can’t believe the day is finally here. I’m kind of nervous, my heart is beating with anxiety. I’m mostly nervous for my parents being nervous, if that makes sense. I know it’s going to be an AWESOME time! I just tend to get really homesick.

costa rica church and volcano

Oh yeah, and I should probably start packing…definitely a procrastinator. But hey, I work well under pressure. I was able to get everything set over the last few days: vaccinations, new toiletries and clothes, money and phone logistics, etc. Take my advice and DO NOT wait until the last minute to do these things if you will be traveling! It’s difficult when you are up in Worcester and will only have a few days at home before you leave.

I have an awesome family and was able to see everyone before I leave. My family even had a Bon Voyage dinner for me last night! I have had a fantastic last couple of days, and I am wicked excited to start my Costa Rican journey. Depending on the internet situation I will keep in touch and follow with updates from Costa Rica! I wish everyone a studious and healthy D term! Just one more term before summer (:

bon voyage

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