How To Make a Federal Resume

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The purpose of a resume is to summarize and align yourself with the position you are seeking. With only a few exceptions, resumes at the undergraduate level should be a one page long document, organized by relevance, highlighting your qualifications and strengths. However, a federal resume provides in greater depth your experiences, typically running two-five pages in length at the entry-level.

In an effort not to reinvent the wheel/rewrite already clear instructions, I have linked great websites below.

When working to build your federal resume, there are two very helpful resources:

  1. Section by section instructions for what to include, both required and optional:
  2. ‘Resume Builder’ through your USAJOBS account (Homepage -> Documents -> Resume Section -> “Build Resume”):

The second source will allow you to easily insert your education, experiences, skills, accomplishments, etc., and will produce a correctly formatted resume. Make sure once you are complete to save the document to your computer for easy future editing.


Any questions? Email the Peer Advisors at or stop in to the CDC for drop in hours from 10AM-4PM. I strongly encourage everyone to get their resume critiqued before applying to jobs. Thanks for reading!

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