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At WPI, we benefit from a pretty phenomenal Greek Life system that features 13 fraternities and 6 sororities with over 30 percent of campus having affiliation in these organizations. Over the past few weeks, both women and men’s recruitment have completed, adding in hundreds of new members to the greek community. So, you new members should know about the great resources available to network within and outside of your organization!

Some chapters are newer with total lifetime members at a hundred or so while others are in the low thousands. So even in the smallest chapter, there are quite a few connections that you can use for your professional career. Extending beyond your own chapter, you can tap into the connections from every other chapter of your same organization! Many fraternities and sororities have tens of or even hundreds of thousands of members nationwide, all of which share your experiences in Greek Life!

Here are a few typical networking resources Greek Life offers:

  1. Alumni networking nights
  2. Chapter LinkedIn sites
  3. Lists of alumni, their locations, and their jobs
  4. Many, many moreā€¦

Ask around though, there may be some great programs your chapter runs!

This extends even beyond Greek Life as well. Use your clubs, professional associations, honor societies, etc. as you transition into your career. The friends you make at WPI can and will be your connections throughout your lifetime!

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