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Hi everyone!


I want to take a bit of your time to talk about my academic path here at WPI and a some advice if you follow a similar path!


In the early part of my Junior year, I realized I had quite a bit of space in schedule for the rest of my time at WPI so I decided to explore BS/MS options. The previous summer I fell in love with Systems Engineering as an intern with Northrop Grumman and since the MS in Systems Engineering was available and very flexible, I decided to dive in and commit to finishing it in four years. After taking MyPlan assessments online and reviewing them with a CDC staff member, my choice was solidified. It has been challenging at times (both the work and the logistics) but it’s been incredibly rewarding and some of the most interesting classwork I’ve done at WPI.


Some of the biggest advice I could give you if you decide to pursue a BS/MS degree is to diversify your degree choices between your BS and MS. The reason I say this is because your MS degree can be used to explore more options of possible career paths and add breadth to your knowledge thus adding significant career value to your prospective employees. Getting both degrees in the same field, although could be valuable to some, may pidgeon-hole you into a set career path while others who diversified may have gained numerous different skillsets adding to their value.


Some great BS/MS options are:

  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Systems Engineering


A few overall notes:

  • Most students don’t apply to the BS/MS program until Junior year after taking some 4000 or 500 level courses.
  • Many of the BS/MS programs have different application processes so check the Graduate Admissions site for more information
  • Reach out to Academic Advising for specific information and help planning for your degrees
  • The CDC can help exploring career options so feel free to schedule a Career Advising appointment and we’ll help you out!


The BS/MS program here at WPI is awesome and if you have the room, I highly encourage you to explore what options interest you! For anything else, reach out to the Peer Advisors at


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,



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