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The spring career fair is coming up on Thursday, February 16th. At the fall career fair, I asked various employers what advice they had for WPI students and now I would like to share that advice with you. Here are a few employer-certified pointers to help you make the most of your career fair experience.

  1. Get your resume critiqued. Keep it to one page; don’t hand employers a stapled packet. There are some exceptions to this, particularly if you are an RBE or IMGD major with many independent projects, but generally, one page is best. Highlight your successes by mentioning any relevant awards, publications, patents, or other honors. Drop-in hours are weekdays at the CDC from 10am-4pm.
  2. Several employers pointed out that it is important to research companies in advance. This will help you have more to discuss than simply asking what the company does. If there are any jobs already posted, apply before the career fair and convey your interest in those positions to the representatives at the career fair
  3. Make eye contact, even if you are just walking by. This is especially important if you are passing by a company you intend to come back to. One employer told me that they do remember faces, and you should always be polite and acknowledge employers, even if it is not a company you are interested in.
  4. Make a good first impression with your introduction. Do not just walk up to the company and ask what they do, but instead have specific questions in mind. Practice your elevator pitch. For more information on elevator pitches, see the CDC Elevator Pitch Tipsheet.
  5. By far the most common response I heard was to be open minded about possible career paths. One employer recommended, “Broaden your search. Look at other companies beyond those most related to your degree.” Another observed, “Some students walk up and say, ‘My calling is exactly this. What jobs do you have for me?'” Trying out new things helps you learn exactly what you like and dislike about different jobs, and is especially valuable if you are still in the internship stage.

Check out the current list of employers attending the career fair on Handshake. There will also be a virtual biotech, health, and science career fair on February 7th. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email the peer advisors at

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