Aquaponic Systems in Puerto Rico: Assessing Their Economic Viability

Bunyaviroch 2013Sponsoring organization: Agroponicos Cosecha de Puerto Rico, Inc.

Team members: Chelsea Bunyaviroch, Xinxin Ding, Siena Mamayek, Bryan Manning

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Abstract: Puerto Rico’s lack of natural resources has led to an insufficient domestic food supply and large amounts of imports. One possible solution for increasing the food supply may be aquaponic systems. We focused on the economic viability of aquaponics in Puerto Rico and investigated the system of our sponsor, Agroponicos, Cosecha de Puerto Rico, Incorporated. We conducted a case study, financial analysis, an assessment of expansion opportunities, and researched resources and programs. We provided our sponsor with suggestions for improving their business and concluded that aquaponics can be economically viable in Puerto Rico.