Assessing Carbon Offsetting Programs for the Puerto Rico Project Center

Project Report PDF

Project Sponsors: Professors John-Michael Davis, Scott Jiusto, Paul Mathisen, and Mimi Sheller

Team Members: Jacob Chlebowski, Samantha Dubord, Efthymios Marios Loukedes, Daniel Shea

Project Advisor: Professors John-Michael Davis and Alizé Carrère

Abstract: WPI’s Global Projects Program (GPP) sends hundreds of students to project centers around the world, which contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. This project partnered with the Puerto Rico Project Center (PRPC) to explore carbon offsetting initiatives within Puerto Rico and develop an offsetting recommendation for the PRPC and the GPP. We developed comparative criteria, mapped potential offsetting organizations within Puerto Rico, and developed four case studies representing different offsetting schemes: solar panels, coral reef restoration, reforestation, and mangrove restoration. Our results suggest that Para La Naturaleza’s reforestation program is most viable considering affordability, imminence, permanence, student engagement, and co-benefits.