ND3O5844Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a science and engineering university established in 1865 in central Massachusetts, has employed a project-based curriculum since the 1970s. The junior-year project consists of a nine-credit-hour (equivalent to 3 courses) interdisciplinary requirement involving applied research that connects science or technology with social issues and human needs.

Most of our students complete these projects at one of more than 40 project centers that WPI has established around the world. Students work with local sponsoring organizations to address complex local and regional problems over a period of 14 weeks, with the final seven weeks in residence at the project center.

Sponsoring organizations benefit from the talents and attention of interdisciplinary teams of students, and students gain practical experience in tackling complex real-world problems. In the end, these collaborations often result in creative approaches whose applications may result in substantial positive impacts on both the sponsoring organizations and on local communities.