Expectations from sponsors

Organizations that wish to have a WPI team work with them on a project should expect to provide logistical support for their project team in the form of regular communication during the preliminary phase (by phone, Zoom, or email) while teams are preparing their project proposals. Once teams are on-site, wherever possible, sponsoring organizations should provide workspace for the team of 3-5 students, and liaisons are expected to provide teams with any additional logistical support they need (e.g., professional contacts, IT access, etc.). Finally, sponsoring organizations may need to provide students with advice regarding transportation and lodging (if overnight trips are required) for work-related efforts. Students can be expected to take public transportation if this is available, but if their work requires travel to locations not accessible by public transportation, sponsoring organizations work with the project center director to make appropriate arrangements.

Students cover all expenses related to regular (non-work-related) lodging in San Juan, travel to and from Puerto Rico, and daily commuting to and from the sponsoring organization’s location. Students receive academic credit only, and are not paid for their work on their projects.

We do not ask sponsoring organizations to pay project fees to the university; the only cost to sponsors would be for supplies necessary for completing the project, if any, and in some cases for travel and lodging, if necessary for the project.