Evaluation of the Feasibility of Establishing a Waste Collection Facility to Serve the Community of Cantera

team cantera #2Sponsoring organization: La Compañía para el Desarrollo Integral de la Península de Cantera

Team members: John Cotter, Victor Hu, Alejandro Miranda, Hannah Reinertsen

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Abstract: The goal of this project was to assist La Compañía para el Desarrollo Integral de la Península de Cantera (CDIPC) with assessing the potential of a waste collection facility in Cantera in order to alleviate the environmental and social stress related to open dumping. First, we conducted a study to project waste generation and composition in the community. We supplemented this with field observations to evaluate the areas of high-density waste in the community. In order to understand the opinions of local stakeholders, we interviewed with government agencies, such as the Environmental Quality Board, and other waste collection facilities, such as the San Juan waste transfer station. Furthermore, we distributed and analyzed a community-wide survey in order to gauge public opinion of the establishment of a local collection facility. Following these information-gathering objectives, we devised a rating system to determine sites that would best suit the needs of the community. After this, we created a tentative diagram that outlined the characteristics that are most conducive to a successful waste collection facility. Finally, we created a plan to encourage community participation and education with regard to the proposed facility. This involved creating an interactive lesson plan; outreach materials for the community, such as posters, brochures, and a Facebook page; and strategies to promote the expected economic benefits of the waste collection facility. Our final deliverable was a preliminary operational plan for the prospective waste collection facility in the community of Cantera.