The Changing Face of La Goyco: Examining the Impact of Gentrification on a Historic Community

Project Report PDF

Project Sponsors: Taller Communidad La Goyco (La Goyco Community Workshop), Lydia Platón and Mariana Reyes

Team Members: Samay Govani, Brenna Hadad, Stephen MacDonald, Jordan Pina

Project Advisor: Professors John-Michael Davis and Alizé Carrère

Abstract: The coastal areas of San Juan, Puerto Rico are transitioning to a tourist-oriented economy driven by changes in the housing market, the proliferation of restaurants and bars serving visitors, and a shifting educational landscape that prioritizes private schools. Communities experiencing these changes struggle to maintain their identity and cohesion. This report presents a case study of the La Goyco community in Santurce, combining quantitative and qualitative data from several online databases, interviews, and site visits. Our findings suggest the community’s home and lifestyle are threatened, not only by the influx of investors and tourists, but by micro level changes that are serving new and more affluent populations over long-time residents.