Which project centers should I apply to?

Many students express confusion over this decision, given the range of options available to them. You may find that you have scheduling restrictions, or at least that certain terms are more convenient for your project work than others. It is wise to speak with your academic adviser about this before you begin investigating options for project centers.

After you have identified which terms you are able to commit to your project, when considering which available project centers you wish to list as your top choices, you should consider several factors. First, what types of projects are typically completed at each available project center? Many centers have websites that will help you answer this question, and you can always search the electronic projects collection at Gordon Library to get more information. Second, are there unique geographic or cultural factors that you should consider in making your decision? Local conditions at WPI project centers vary widely, and you should consider contacting project center directors to inquire about this. Finally, what are the requirements of travel to each center? Particularly for students who do not have U.S. passports, find out about the travel requirements that would apply to you before you select a specific center.