2024 Mar-Apr

In March and April of 2024, twenty-four WPI students along with advisors Grant Burrier and Scott Jiusto were privileged to work on six different projects with community partners Apoyo Mutuo Agricola (AMA), Taller Comunidad La Goyco, La Conde/Parceleras AfroCaribeñas, Finca Escuela de La Perla, El Gandul Community Center & Corporación La Fondita de Jesus, and El Centro de Apoyo Mutuo of Las Carolinas in Caguas. It was a wonderful experience and one we hope contributed significantly to local initiatives on themes such as community-based emergency preparation and response, rainwater harvesting and hydroponic gardening, and grassroots organizational planning and strengthening. Thanks to all these partners and many others who participated in the projects!