Developing Resilience Strategies in Cubuy-Lomas, Puerto Rico

Project Report PDF

Project Sponsors: Id Shaliah & Javier Valedón

Team Members: Abigail Holmes, Naisargi Mehta, Jack Perriello, Evan Wertz

Project Advisor: Professors John-Michael Davis and Alizé Carrère

Abstract: Cubuy-Lomas is a remote mountainous region of Puerto Rico vulnerable to increasingly severe natural disasters due to climate change. This project collaborated with Id Shaliah, a community-based organization, to conduct a rapid place-based resilience assessment to address community-defined issues. We conducted a literature review to create a seven-dimensional model of community resilience followed by 17 community interviews to understand post-disaster challenges and increase adaptive capacity. We fostered strategic partnerships and pathways to sustainably improve energy independence, water storage, communication, community awareness and funding challenges, which provided opportunities for the Cubuy-Lomas community to access much needed resources, including a $60,000 solar panel donation.