Production Tools: Recording Your Lectures

Did you know that WPI has three tools that can be utilized for recording videos? Those tools are Echo360, Zoom, and Studio.



Like a choose-your-own-adventure, you may be wondering where to start. Asking yourselves these questions may help you decide.

Q. Where are you producing these videos?

A1. In the classroom? Use Echo360 or Zoom.
A2. Remotely or from your office? Use Echo360, Zoom, or Studio.

Q. Do you want to stream live to a remote audience and record at the same time?

A. Use Echo360 if in a classroom; if you want to capture student discussion, use Zoom. If using Zoom, you’ll need to remember to press the¬†Record button.

Q. Do you want to have your recordings start and stop automatically (available in all classrooms but IS105, IS203, and IS205)?

A. Use Echo360 and work with the ATC to schedule your captures.

Q. Do you want to create videos that can be re-used for more than one section or course?

A. Use Echo360 or Studio.

Q. Do you want to record a class discussion or a guest speaker?

A. If the guest speaker is coming to the classroom and you want to re-use the video in future offerings of the course, use Echo360. If the guest speaker is remote, use Zoom.

Q. Do you want to integrate in short quizzes into your video?

A. Use Studio.

Q. Can you tell me what the differences are between these 3 platforms?

A. Absolutely! Contact or reference this handy visual (also available in PDF format here).

Lecture Recording Comparison Chart (PDF)

Video Production

To learn more about how to create videos with Echo360, Zoom and Studio, check out these links:

Recording on campus with Echo360

Recording at home with Echo360

Recording with Zoom

Recording your Screen with Canvas Studio

Recording your Webcam with Canvas Studio


Zoom from the Classrooms

Ceiling Mic Array Zoom-Capable Classrooms (AK233, FL320, GH227, SL105)

Logitech MeetUp Configuration in Classrooms (available in most classrooms)

Zoom Advanced “Tips” from the Classrooms


Video Post-production

To learn more about editing with Echo360 and Studio, check out these links:

Editing with Echo360

Editing with Studio*
* Please note that editing options are only available after you record but BEFORE you upload the video. You will not be able to edit the video after this point.

Video Distribution

To learn more about sharing your videos, check out these links:

Embedding Videos with the Rich Text Editor

Sharing Echo360 Videos as a Course Relevant Collection

Pushing Zoom Cloud Recordings into Echo360

If you have any further questions about the video tools at WPI, please email