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In the regular world only one thing means the same thing in every language and that’s a smile. In the business world one thing that means the same thing is a thank you letter. It’s about a week after the career fair so (If you haven’t already, please) come into the Career Development Center (CDC). Go to the computers in the lobby. Look up the contacts of any employers whose business cards you didn’t get. Send those employers thank you emails! Take sometime to really think about what you’re gonna say. These letters are a neat way to get the employer thinking about you.

If you missed the thank you letter workshop earlier this week. There is a neat podcast on jobfinder

Don’t worry I have been slacking too so don’t feel like it is too late in the game, we can be late together. So sometime today give your potential employers a reason to smile as much as the sun.

stop by Adam, Sebastian, Ahmad, Emily and Anyone else from the CDC pages for more insight and other experiences dealing with following up, thank you letters or anything really.


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