Thanksgiving – Not Just a Time for Feasting!

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I don’t know about you guys but I’ve already started my countdown until Thanksgiving. For me it means three things: a break from classes, family, and AWESOME FOOD!! I can’t believe we only have two days left of class until break! I’ll definitely be utilizing this time for sleep, work and relaxing.

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But Thanksgiving isn’t just a time about great food. It’s also a time of great company. And great company means networking!! You can network ANYWHERE! I learned this at a couple of networking workshops that the CDC has held in the last week.

So who can network? ANYONE! Where can you network? ANYWHERE!!

In fact, networking is awesome because it allows you to tap into the hidden job market. About 85% of jobs are not publicly advertised and are given to people that have relations to the company or business. Use your Thanksgiving break to talk to your family and friends from back home to see if they know anyone that works at a certain company that you are interested in. Use these opportunities to get your foot in the door!! You could be very surprised whom your family and friends know.


Check out our upcoming workshop to learn about how to introduce yourself to employers!! This is the final workshop led by the CDC Peer Advisors this term, so don’t miss it!

Feel free to email the CDC Peer Advisors at and check out everyone’s blogs this week: AdamSamAhmad, and Sebastian!! I hope midterms are going well and you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

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