How to find an Internship this Holiday Season!

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Since it’s thanksgiving I thought I’d talk about how thankful I am for  one of the best things about WPI, the CDC. Yes I work for the CDC, and yes I get paid for my work there, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have one of the best career centers in the nation. If you think about it most schools don’t have a job finder where you apply to jobs that are meant for WPI students, and they don’t have 180 companies coming to their career fairs, and they definitely don’t have as many companies interviewing us on campus and trying to hire us. Other schools don’t have a Maggie Becker, or any of our wonderful staff members, and others schools definitely don’t have a Sam François who’ll post a picture of a pony for a blog post, or any of the other amazing Peer Advisors. Believe it or not we’re blessed to have all those things and more.

A Friend of mine posted on Facebook that she didn’t know how to find an internship, so to answer my friends question here are some easy steps to find an internship or a full time Job:

1) JobFinder.

2) Networking: when you’re with your family for thanksgiving talk to them about possible opportunities they might know about.

3) LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to find jobs, and to network with Alumni who can help you get the right job.

4) Go to Company Info Sessions: google has an info session on Dec 3rd. This is a great way to learn more about the company and network with their employees.

5) Career fair: Coming up February 20th.


There are more places you can find an internship or a full time job, and as you can see more than half the ones I mentioned are related to networking in one way or another, that should tell you that networking is kind of important. In fact it’s so important that only 15% of jobs will ever be posted online, the other 85% are found through networking. So this holiday season network, network and network.

Of course it’s not as easy as just applying online or talking to people, though sometimes it is. Sometimes you need help and that’s why I’m thankful for the CDC. We can help you with networking (we have a networking workshop Dec 4th 5-6 in SL 105), we can help you with resumes and cover letters so when you apply through job finder you’ll stand out, we can help you with interviewing so when you get that call back for an interview you’ll blow the employer away and get the job. The CDC can help you with it all.

Enjoy the rest of your break!


For more advice check out what the other Peer Advisors have to say about finding a job,


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