Break Is Over – Career Fair, Here We Come!!

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Welcome back!! I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my break eating, spending time with family, and watching Netflix. Not only that, but I also continued my job search!! Prior to break I had sent out about 30 letters to Physician Assistants (PAs) in my area inquiring about job shadowing. I was able to shadow one PA and it was awesome!! This has helped reassure me that PA is the position for me. I have received numerous phone calls and emails from other PAs saying they are willing for me to shadow them or have a video conference so I’m super excited! I am currently looking for volunteer opportunities at local hospitals to continue to strengthen as a candidate (:

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On another note, C-term (aka the term that everyone dreads…) is finally here. For me, that means ID2050. I have heard lots of interesting stories, but I’m not scared. To be honest, it’s my favorite class this term. I can’t believe in just over 6 weeks I will be in Costa Rica!!!

costa rica

But before that, we have ONE MONTH until the Career Fair. Brace yourselves!! Here are a couple of things you should do to prepare:

  1. Get your resume critiqued. Come to our program Writing Your First Resume this Monday (1/27)!! We also have our Resume Writing Workshop (2/5) and Resumazing (2/6) before the Career Fair. Take advantage of these programs!
  2. Make sure you have professional clothing. Ladies: a nice pant or dress pants and a nice shirt/blazer with professional, comfortable shoes. Men: suit or pants and nice shirt/tie and dress shoes.
  3. Start practicing your elevator pitch. This is really important so you are comfortable speaking with the employers at the Career Fair. Don’t speak from a script though. You want it to be a conversation between you and the employer.

career fair

Check out the CDC website for more events and workshops to prepare for the Career Fair! CDC appointments can now be made ONLINE!! Click here to see how you can make an appointment. If you have any questions about your job search feel free to email the CDC Peer Advisors at and check out everyone’s blogs this week: SamAhmad, and Sebastian!!

Good luck with the prep,


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