Aguanile: Harvesting Rainwater for Community Gardens

Project Sponsor: Finca Escuela, Jerome Zayas-Lopez, Keyla Baez, Brenda L. Martínez Quiñones

Team Members: Bella DeCilio, Amelia McDonough, John Peabody, and Lauren Simonian

Project Advisors: Dr. Grant Burrier and Dr. Scott Jiusto

Project Files:

Final Report

Final Poster

Rainwater Harvesting Manual

Aguanile Design Summary

SketchUp User Guide

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Since its establishment, La Perla has faced governmental neglect, economic underdevelopment, and social marginalization, all leading to its negative stigma. Through community organizations that focus on education and sustainability, such as Finca Escuela, La Perla has resisted negative stereotypes and sought to unite the community. Partnering with Finca Escuela, we enhanced La Perla’s community spaces and built a rainwater harvesting system and communal garden. Our research and findings demonstrate that these community spaces not only provide physical improvement, but also improve individual well-being and social cohesion. We recommend additional rainwater harvesting systems, gardens, and educational workshops to further improve the community’s social capital and overall well-being. 

Left to Right: Amelia, Bella, John, Lauren, Keyla, Jerome