About Our Sponsor

The Boston Harbor Association

The Boston Harbor Association’s sole purpose was to clean up one of the dirtiest harbors in the United States. Through the collective efforts of thousands of people and billions of dollars, Boston Harbor has become one of the cleanest harbors in the country. Through TBHA’s leadership and tenacity, visitors and residents can traverse a nearly-unbroken 39-mile HarborWalk through Boston’s six waterfront neighborhoods. With the completion of the harbor cleanup, new public spaces in the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the HarborWalk and the Boston Harbor Islands, and booming waterfront redevelopment, this area is undergoing a joyful renaissance.

Another large problem for Boston is climate change-related storm surges that threaten to inundate the 59 mile-long waterfront.  TBHA works with waterfront businesses, residents, public agencies and other non-profits to enhance the economic, recreational and scenic value of Boston’s waterfront while protecting the city from extreme weather events.

With the use of our policy recommendations in collaboration with the other work by TBHA, Boston will be a model for creative adaptation to climate change. The harborfront will provide substantial public amenities for the majority of the time, while providing a first line of protection for the city during severe flooding events.

Sponsor website: http://www.tbha.org/