About the Team


From left to right: Nathaniel Lambert, Abraham Cano-Ventura, Carl Turnquist, Anis Medjahed.



Nathaniel Lambert – Mechanical Engineer/Management Engineer

Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking out our page, this project was a great experience! From traveling to Boston all the time to working on a meaningful project I had a great time with my teammates and sponsor.


Abraham Cano-Ventura – Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hello, thank you for coming to our project page! I hope you like what you see and look up our project on the WPI database site to learn even more.



Carl Turnquist – Mechanical Engineering

Hey everyone, I’m Carl and thank you for checking out our page. This project has been a great experience during which we learned a great deal about the development of renewable energy in Massachusetts.



Anis Medjahed – Civil Engineering

Hello visitors! I’m Anis and I really enjoyed our project, it brought a whole new perspective to my eyes and possible careers paths in the solar industry. I hope to use some of the skills I learned from this project to real-life.