Acting & Observing Pages

Acting pages will be as diverse as your project. These pages will typically document the project’s most important activities and accomplishments, and as such will often include your Observations as part of your discussion. Acting pages might include rich discussion of things or programs that were designed or built, and often links to project “products” such as reports, databases, multimedia presentations, training manuals, spreadsheets, etc.

Not sure whether something is a Planning Page or an Acting Page? It doesn’t matter! These are just generic categories to help you conceptualize your work. Your actual pages will have good, specific titles, such as, “A Grant Proposal for an Early Childhood Development Program in Garden Village,” and who cares whether this is a Planning or Acting page?

The real trick will be deciding how best to report on your work. Browsing the CTPC website you’ll see many different kinds of Acting Pages, and different ways of bringing them to people’s attention, such as by listing them prominently on the homepage and menu, and/or calling them “Accomplishments,” etc. You’ll also see very different page design strategies. Some pages tell the whole story in one long page, others are just a short summary with most information provided in a linked PDF, still others report on an action through a series of nested pages, and a few even use “next” and “previous” buttons to lead the reader from page to page. Explore these options as you get ready to start building your own pages.