Mapped Facility 19

Surrounding Section(s): I

Number of Toilets: 7 (block of 5, block of 2)

Number of Taps:  4 (2 screw taps on the double, 2 push taps on the block of 5)

Number of Basins: 4 Total (2 per each block)

Community Member: N/A


  • The basins belonging to the 5 toilet block have a drainage system that leads to a drain
  • The basins on the 2 toilet block do not have drains, resulting in a grey water stream from those basins since they are uphill from the 5.
  • Residents continue to use the basins on the double, which have no drains, because these basins have push taps. Residents are aware of the grey water problem but it seems the inconvenience of pushing a tap over and over outweighs this concern.