Market Investigation

In order for the rooftop gardening programme to be sustainable, an adequate market must be established. We generated a list of 99 restaurants in the CBD with addresses and contact information. Of these 99, we interviewed 11 to assess interest in the programme and found 5 restaurants that would be willing to purchase the rooftop garden produce.
Through our interviews, we discovered crucial marketing strategies and ideas. During the start-up phase, the programme should market produce to small-scale, independent, and high-end restaurants. These restaurants require the type of high quality produce the programme is looking to grow at quantities matching projected production levels. We found that many restaurants require small quantities of a large variety of micro greens. Anticipating that there might not be sufficient demand for the produce, we decided to also produce baby butter lettuce and baby spinach, both of which are easily marketable. We developed an informational pamphlet (Figure 4) to be handed out to restaurants which can be found on the team’s website.

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