Mapped Facility 1

Surrounding Section(s): R,S,T

Number of Toilets: 2

Number of Taps: 1

Number of Basins: 0

Community Member: Florence


  • Residents from R/S/T use this toilet, but residents from B section Zwelitsha also come down to use these toilets
  • Not prone to flooding
  • Plumbing (copper pipes, bolts, metal taps, basin) has been stolen, all parts are now plastic or rubber
  • People must bend to do laundry because there is no basin, causes back pain
  • When these toilets block, an external drain nearby floods over with feces and sewage
  • Toilet blockages caused by newspapers, kids, and diapers (nappies)
  • Toilets broken about every two weeks
  • Not cleaned everyday