Act III Scene I: Luncheon: A Change of Scenery (November 17, 2015)

ppBackground: CORC representative Thembi and ISN representative Nkokheli want to discuss long term planning and reblocking with the K2 community and have suggested a meeting at Khayelitsha Wetlands Park. With much of the current project work resting outside of the WPI team’s hands we agree and purchase lunch supplies for our afternoon out.

Cast of Characters

K2 Community Leaders: Mdu, Mabie

K2 Community members: Neziswa, Zusake, Babalwa, Nandi, Asandiswa, Ficks

WPI team: Paul, Cam, Amy, Veronica, Justice

CORC representatives: Simbonge, Sizwe

Setting: Khayelitsha Wetlands


Today our co-researchers are ready before we are. When we arrive no greeting is missed and all greetings are genuine. CORC is running a little behind schedule, a nice opportunity for us to talk with the community members. We learn a few Xhosa words, we play with the kids and jokingly make fun of each other. Sizwe says it’s a sign of growing together.

The bus ride to the Wetlands Park is loud. Instead of the typical Xhosa dominated trips, this one is simply a continuation of our earlier conversations. We arrive at the park and sit at a beautiful solid wood table in the shade. Sizwe grabs a sheet of big paper and we write down what we have accomplished so far. At first, the table is quiet. Everyone is thinking, but no one can quite piece together what happened in chronological order during the last four weeks. Finally, Asa fires the first bullet point and everyone begins to contribute. Cam takes a few pictures of the group as they enthusiastically rattle off point after point. A sense of pride envelopes the table as we smile at how far we have come.

Later that afternoon we break out the very American lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, and pretzels. The team is happy with this food and nothing goes to waste, but our only real cultural crossover is Coke. Seeing this, Sizwe hops in Sim’s car and rides over to the nearest braai place. He comes back and the already satisfied group makes quick work of the freshly cooked beef and sausage. We close the afternoon with discussion on what is to be done this weekend.


Today was a much needed discussion disguised as a well-deserved break. Though we have been growing closer and closer with the community members of K2, it was helpful to have Sizwe’s outside and experienced opinion weigh in on our progress and direction. It marked the unofficial end to the planning portion of our project with all community members, WPI students, and present CORC members agreeing on our proposed designs. It also presented important themes we need to consider while moving forward. One of these was financial community contribution. It is imperative that community members understand that we cannot start building unless they can come up with 10% of the total project cost (R5000) from community member donations.