The Process – Step 3

Creating a plan of action

The next step in creating a greywater channel is to come up with a plan of action. Based on the meeting with the community and having a better understanding of their situation, a design will be chosen. The design should be chosen based off of the ideas that the community expressed when we met with them, our ideas based on our research, and the catalogued/documented channels that were built in other areas of the settlement. In addition to choosing an effective greywater channel design, the cost of the channel must be taken into account before deciding on a design.


*Note: initially we had envisioned creating a timeline for completion and a cleaning and maintenance schedule. However, when our co-researchers went through the process and talked to the community, it was decided that neither a timeline nor maintenance schedule would be necessary. The community members in the surrounding area agreed to work on the channel and promised to clean it after its completion without creating a formal document/timeline/schedule.